Tis the Season to Drop Kick

With only one more sleep until Christmas I hope you’re as thankful as I am that no more “are you done your shopping yet?” questions will rattle from the tv and radio. So settle in for the last three days of Cre.ature Feed holiday special and tis the Season!

Day 10 – Santa trains his reindeer

Enjoy this vintage footage of the old man training his reindeer for the upcoming season.

Day 11 – Don’t mess with Santa!

Treat the old man with some respect

Day 12 – Santa will be dropping by

Merry Christmas all! Santa will be dropping by, make sure there’s a crash pad in place


Picking a Nose on Slippery Ice

As is the case with the holiday season, everything goes by fast. Including the past four days of Christmas. So here I am making up for it with more great season related videos. Let me know how the days are going for you!

Day 6 – Brandon Santa.

Here is the completed video as done by Grant Hamilton, as watched and critiqued by me. Unfortunately, I can’t upload it to my blog directly, however, it should appear as the first video (for a while) on the Brandon Sun website here.

Day 7 – Little Christmas Picker

Cute little boy decides he has something better to do than sing – dig for gold! I think my kid would do something like this.

Day 8 – Taking the Fall

A Dublin news channel decides to warn about ice on the sidewalks. I don’t necessarily want to encourage laughter but it’s a little cheeky.

Day 9 – Toboggan on your Tushy

I’m planning on going to tobogganing this break, hopefully it’s more successful than this fail.

The Funniest and The Shortest

Day 4: Funniest home vids
Of course America’s Funniest Home Videos has the best Christmas fail videos. This is one of many videos in their holiday blooper reel, which will be sidebar listed on Youtube.

Day 5: Santa elves aren’t even that short
This guy goes on a bit of a rant regarding a toy advertised over the holidays. Apparently the model doesn’t quite match up in height to the product.

Journalists for Human Rights

To followers of The Feed

While I indulge in my creative and quirky writing styles on my blog, I can also turn my serious reporter self on when necessary.

Recently, a fellow CreComm student, Dani Finch, brought up the idea of starting a Journalist for Human Rights chapter at Red River college. The group started meeting just before the Christmas break and even ran a week long food drive in the atrium. jhr RRC members created a Facebook and Twitter page, and I contributed with the creation of the jhr RRC Blog


I urge you to visit the site and get to know more about what the Red River College Chapter (in conjunction with students from The University of Winnipeg) is doing in the community. And of course, read some good responsible journalism.

For more on jhr RRC and quick links to our Facebook and Twitter pages, see here.

What is jhr?

jhr’s (Journalists for Human Rights) goal is to make everyone in the world fully aware of their rights. Creating rights awareness is the first and most necessary step to ending rights abuses.

By mobilizing the media to spread human rights awareness, jhr informs people about human rights, empowering marginalized communities to stand up, speak out and protect themselves.


Santa’s Lap

Day 3: Santa’s Lap

 It’s quite a bizarre tradition, the whole sitting on Santa’s lap. Most children nowadays are tall enough to stand across from Santa and have the good ol’ gift talk.

My guess is the Old guy is hard of hearing, and obviously can’t stoop to a child’s level. Yet oddly enough, the man can carry a sack of gifts, slide down chimneys like a Cirque acrobat, and eat cookies left on a floor-level plate.

 Today I went to the Shoppers Mall in Brandon to help shoot some video of Santa and his little visitors. While the video will only be up in a few days, and who knows, I may have a cameo, I honor the tradition of Santa – otherwise known to me as Father Christmas (I guess to be politically correct: the spokeperson of the holidays) – and his fear-inducing lap, with this great video from The Office.

Flash Mobs and Flying Fenders

In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, I’m posting a daily holiday related Youtube video. To start us off, I’m posting two for day 1 and 2.

Day 1: Holiday Flash Mob
Before I die, I want to be involved in a sweet flash mob like this. So beautiful, I can only imagine what a treat it was for shoppers.

Day 2: A Dash of Stupidity
How to not remove your car from snow. Of great relevance as this wonderful Alberta Clipper sweeps into Winnipeg and Brandon. Watch for a few seconds then skip to 1:00.  it’s worth it.

Helen of Winnipeg

     What’s happened so far here.

     “Dad I’m fine, honestly. Just getting books, love you.”
      Ever since the almost fatal encounter with Kirk, Natasha’s father suddenly learned how to dial out from a cell phone. Whenever she wasn’t at work, check up calls from Ronald streamed in at one hour intervals. Even during her tests to make sure everything was, ahem, in the clear, he called the reception desk four times. To her relief, Kirk’s indiscretions had not left her marked.
       Natasha needed to get out of the house for a while, indulge in some history. Modern fiction was becoming too perverse for a classics purist and once again, J&S cut down hours.
       Natasha took the elevator down to the lower level  used bookstore at The University of Winnipeg.  
       “Hi, would you like some help?”
        A twenty-something stared back with a beaming smile.Natasha cringed, is that what all first years look like?
        “No, just browsing.” But the girl looked disheartened. “Where’s the history section?”
        The store was tiny like an airplane is initially, gradually becoming comfortable with time. She read the blurbs and most of the first chapters to gauge whether to splurge, and buy ten books, or reread one intently.
            “Ah, you’re a Peloponnesian girl.”
            Natasha gasped slightly in surprise. Right beside her was an older man wearing a lightly striped dress shirt, accessorized with an arm load of wartime historicals.
            “Oh yes, sure love those Spartan men.”
            He laughed back with a familiar chuckle, picking the book from her hands and gently caressing the spine.
            “I bet you’re thrilled to be learning the entire history of this war, far too many similar battles for my taste.”
            “Oh I’m not a student.”
            Why had she confessed? There was nothing shameful in being learned without the price of tuition. Was there?
            “Well, I admire your pleasure reading then.”
            He smiled once more as he held the book towards her. Most of her reading material matched his with the exception of Nixon in China, which probably happened when he was a kid.
            Natasha stepped up to the cash counter and the gentleman joined her.
            “Can I see your student card?” the cashier, who was also the store helper, grinned eagerly.
            “I, uh, I don’t have one.”
            “Here, use mine.”
            The older man extended his arm past Natasha, holding a beige card.  Seven books were scanned and a three digit total mocked her silently.
            “I’m sorry, I need to downsize my purchase.”
            Before Natasha could even lift a finger, the man, who had positioned himself closely beside her, pulled out a credit card.
            “No, I can’t let you do this. It’s not for school. Please,” She turned to the beaming cashier, “don’t let him pay.”
            “Sorry, already swiped.”
            She winked at the gentleman and scanned his pile of copy cat spines once more. He had just spent a half month’s rent on books for a complete stranger. Obviously prices had changed since she went there, how could she have forgotten that all those pages add up in dollars?
            “So I never got a name. Although Helen could suit you well.”
            “Oh no, it’s Natasha.”
            “Well it’s nice to meet you. I’m Dayne.”
            Natasha didn’t know what to do from here so she continued walking. He matched her, and side by side they strolled to the front lawn before she caught on to his Helen comment.
            “Thank you?”
            “My pleasure?” and then he laughed with a smile that displayed his matured mouth. God, he had to be at least in his forties.
            “Sorry, I didn’t mean for the questionable inflection.”
            Who was she?
            “That’s okay. I do apologize though for buying the books. I’m afraid they were my Trojan horse.”
            “I’m hoping that a gift would get me through the door, and perhaps dinner tonight would be next.”
            “ah, um, yes please. I mean, sure.”
            He chuckled once more and leaned in to jot her number down on a notepad from his pocket. Natasha smiled, no one used paper anymore.

Cannes Lions Inspiring Creativity

Yesterday I went along with my advertising class to view the Cannes Lions International Advertising Awards screened at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. With over two hours worth of crazy, funny, inspiring, emotional ads, I am pleased to have experienced the work of some incredibly creative people.

With bronze, silver, and gold lions awarded – the Grand Prix going to Old Spice “The man your man could smell like” – everything shown was good in it’s own right. Below are only five – my top five – picks.  

5. The Fun Theory – VW Bluemotion
This campaign aims to prove that fun changes behaviour for the better – something I certainly stand by. An inspring creative iniative that took a lot of work and paid off.

4. So Backwards – Insurance
This one is from my home country South Africa. Absolutely hilarious and proves once more,why women reign supreme.

3. Drama Queen – Young Director Awards
Absolutely cheeky and brilliant. This is probably something I would do tee hee.

2.  Panda Cheese.
I was fortunate enough to find a video that has all the winning Cannes’ Panda Cheese commericals. A little dark but oh so funny – Never Say No to Panda

1. Graffiti – Aids Awareness
In honor of World Aids day, and in the creative  genius that created this gem, enjoy a rather raunchy top pick. Yes, there are lude drawings.
If you cannot view this video on my blog, try here.

Which ones are your faves?

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