Santa’s Lap

Day 3: Santa’s Lap

 It’s quite a bizarre tradition, the whole sitting on Santa’s lap. Most children nowadays are tall enough to stand across from Santa and have the good ol’ gift talk.

My guess is the Old guy is hard of hearing, and obviously can’t stoop to a child’s level. Yet oddly enough, the man can carry a sack of gifts, slide down chimneys like a Cirque acrobat, and eat cookies left on a floor-level plate.

 Today I went to the Shoppers Mall in Brandon to help shoot some video of Santa and his little visitors. While the video will only be up in a few days, and who knows, I may have a cameo, I honor the tradition of Santa – otherwise known to me as Father Christmas (I guess to be politically correct: the spokeperson of the holidays) – and his fear-inducing lap, with this great video from The Office.


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