Timothy the Fish

While barely having a moment to myself these days, I stumbled upon a more loose character – Timothy the Fish.

Bon Appetit!

Timothy the Fish
by Daniella Ponticelli

There once was a fish
with the impeccable name of Timothy
when he swam by the others,
they splashed away timidly

Without an explanation,
they one day turned to fight
but poor ol’ Timothy –
He only wanted to be liked

He tried to find out why
the others turned downstream
“to get away from you!”
the fat fish mayor screamed

Timothy tried to figure out
what crawled up their scales
but whenever he swam near the others
all who stayed were female

“I got it!” he thought
“the boys don’t like me near –
For whenever I’m around,
the girls giggle and they cheer!”

So Timothy went around
followed by a female school
taking them to movies, main attractions
playing each girly fish the fool

But soon time caught up,
and the males came back mad
all the girls were laying eggs!
and Tim – the only dad.

And so it came to be
that dear ol’ granddad Timothy,
bred the largest catch of Northern Pike
because sweet ol’ fish tail, he did like.



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