Playing House

Recently, I decided to help out a friend of a friend of a friend (okay it wasn’t quite like that, but those of you who know me know I would help no matter what). The deal was, this friend just flipped a sweet bunaglow and wanted his open house to look really busy. So me and Colin Enquist decided to play house, as a giddy couple of prospective buyers, and make the first day viewing look full. Weird thing was, we weren’t entirely necessary – so many people were looking at the house that were not the flipper’s friends. Nonetheless, I’ve been house hunting before (never to buy myself, but moving with family) and I find it entertaining for all about five minutes – bedroom, bathroom, office — no walk-in? No thank you! Ha, I wasn’t a diva no, but I did have fun imagining that the trip was for realsies. Couldn’t resist writing about my short time spent playing house.

Bon Appetit!

Playing House
Daniella Ponticelli

Oh my how darling
we said of this three bedroom

An open house
“our house!”
I decided to sing
we held hands (without rings)

Just our first time
-we’re looking
no need for a feature list

pleasantries, pleasantries

Fine I’ll take one
if you, Ms. Judy, so thoroughly insist.

Not going to lie
the first thing I noticed out loud
was the hardwood floors,
my momma would be proud

And like —
WOW okay, the sink is big enough
to fit my torso and thighs
although at five feet
It’s not a huge surprise

But I bet even Mr. Stretch
could squeeze in a rub
in his brand new rubber dub tub

No thank you,
we don’t need a tour
or an excuse to hear you gush
about the amazing new fixtures –
new millennium aluminum alloy,
a post orgasm rush

I think I kind of get the basic layout:
hallway, kitchen, closest
office for my twelve degrees
two small bedrooms
where our boxes will sit and freeze

I hate unpacking
do the movers come for free?

Oh we’re just browsing
BUT can’t you
JUST see our over laden night stand?
Full of laptops and ipads
books, and mags, and much needed night caps

(We’ll have to put in our own bar)

Thanks I think we’ll explore the basement
oh two toned walls?
sexy white wood siding
A ceiling big enough for stretch
A crawl space I needn’t hunch for
a tiny dwelling only I can explore

Thank God, a room downstairs
to hide future children and their
stinky underwears.
Far from my twelve degrees,
this beautiful show home of memories

by George –
lets gush some more about floors

or Leather Face’s lair outside
“its a green house”
(of horrors)
– but that’s an aside.

Oh no thank you
we’re first time buyers – it’s true
Oh we’d love your assistance
but really, we are quite a nuisance

Nothing meets our requirements
in fact, we can’t buy it because there’s no hydrant

YES, we own twenty dogs
we forgot to say
this darling home,
was quite the place for play

Shall we call you in ten years?
Perhaps in spring,
when the weather’s nice in May?

We’re leaving now
yes it was nice to meet you
oh and Trudy, you too

Pleasantries, pleasantries

Couples lining the sidewalk
eye us down as competition

psst, our work here is done
with little to no suspicion.  



Flying High

Brett Enquist Photography

It’s officially one month until I fly off to Switzerland!

To say I’m excited is the understatement of the century, this event has been the culmination of four years of hard work and sacrifice. I haven’t had a long weekend or Saturday to myself – one where I haven’t had some sort of rehearsal. There have been painful days of bruised, ripped and scratched backs (along with the backs of knees) and callouses forming on callouses. But there’s the reward of working with the most fantastic team for so long. We’re a huge family – complete with the siblings that irritate each other. Age doesn’t matter, and sometimes we forget that some of the younger girls we dance with look up to us – “us” being the university and college age girls who seem to have it the best — we get a slightly later curfew in Switzerland.

But when we go over to Europe to represent ourselves, our school and HELLO – Canada! – it’s a full time job. Our clothes have been pre-selected, our make-up practised, our team walk rehearsed (start with right foot). We’ve worked all year on the piece we’re taking there, along with many of the pieces in the recent dance recital. I never understood why I couldn’t have as much patience drafting my written work as I do with my dance. Every nuance has to be there, or else you run it again – and the bruises darken.

But I love this, I’m so truly honored to not only have the ability to dance, but the means. I get to fly for Pete’s sake! (Pete’s rather happy about this). Our theatre teacher made a video about what we feel dance is to us, what we’ve learned. Until he posts the video, all I can remember saying was that dance doesn’t only teach you to deal with your mistakes, it teaches you to accept corrections and try again. And then you yearn for it, and yearn for it elsewhere. We not only have the physical flexibility, but the creative room to miss a double pirouette and still pull off a great performance. There are far too many incidents in life where there is no give.

I can’t believe it was four and a half years ago I said first “I’ll never be able to do that” and after my first class, watching the experienced dancers high above — “I can’t wait to do that.” Now I do it almost everyday. It’s such a big part of who I am creatively – once you play around in vertical space, it’s the biggest “eff you” to boundaries of the horizontal. I could talk about this connection for a long time but I will leave you today, amidst all my excitement, with a poem I found while cleaning out my files. I wrote it awhile back after I first attempted the trapeze bar, how I wanted more but was fearful. Now I play freely.

By Daniella Ponticelli

The bar is cold

Like new day break’s dew

Stewing in the silence

Hanging limp, hanging


Brett Enquist Photography

A lone steel bar

Waits for rough edge hands

To grab on lust’s sweet plight; 

Flying high, flying—


A still girl waits

It is I who begs

Taking in the trap’s gaze

Moving slow, moving


The cloud is high

One beat swing will work

To skim its white belly

Reaching lift, reaching


The need to fly

Is rapt in a cage

Leaning on ribs and heart

Beating loud, beating


Nod the hero

Get up/un furl claws

Yearning for fledgling awe

Trying pride, trying


There is no death

There one ex  hale waits

Swinging for the last time

Trusting limbs, trusting


Here I let go

Take me there St. V

Knowing my last love waits

Hinging pain, hinging


One big chance now                             

Air kiss’red on neck

Flying high on sweet bliss

Catching bar, catching


Return to ground

Heartbeatslow    down      catch

Showing fear in silence

Keeping strength, keeping 


Face Self in glass

Marred by a big act

Lying satisfaction

Going strong, going


Bar is still cold

Like old day end’s death

Faking  joy til ’morrow

Floating high, floating



By Daniella Ponticelli

Some say dragonflies
only live within a 24 hour span
well we are winged creatures
and I only wish it was the plan


We meet our folks
and they cuddle us for five
telling us to fly solo
to leave the nesting hive


So alone, we each go through
the ever traumatic toddler years
flying, bumbling, rapid buzzing
narrowly missing human ears


First mosquito hunt, First
dodged swat, First
kiss. First bad date (of 78)
 It was the worst first.


You were known around
the Meadowview bball courts
zipping around in a green blaze
too cool for pants, you wore shorts


I had already had my heart
torn apart by a dragonfly jerk
everyone told me it’s alright
as they married off in bursts


You lost your family
around the same time as me
everyone told us it’d come in hour six
but we were playing like its hour three


I wish I could omit this one
A time in my life I hated
I resented my puffed physique
my wings heavy, overweighted.

And so I cut back
on my large intake of bug
some say I was so slender
I was the width of a rug


Eight is my lucky number
a time of my life I revel in
for you flew by my resting spot
in God fated timing.

You landed nearby
ever playing it cool
like you had all the time in the world
a big headed, heavy hearted fool


Hour nine was our time
we met every minute by the pond
it seemed to go by too soon
of you I was so fond


Now I must stop here
to take a moment’s breath
for when you flew away from me
it was like another death


The eleventh hour
I hardly remember the view
Had my first bad collision
a coma, head bruised blue


Woke up and heard the new buzz
you had a life mate
She was fair, a good flyer
I chalked it up to fate

I in turn continued on
flying often in round figurations
friends asking when I’d settle
down for a longer duration


It seemed like decades had passed
when I finally heard the news
that you had left her
for your trust she abused

They say dragonflies
aren’t supposed to be monogamous
but I’d do anything for you
I’d live like a hermit, anonymous

Happy all the while
because I had your love


It was no surprise
The friends long gone
“Only a little time left”
but I felt wrong

Went out with guys
desperate to start a family
asking generic questions
just to fly on top of me


I was now a spinster
living a taboo solo life
children flying round saying
“There’s the one who ain’t a wife”

So I took one last chance
for I wanted to change the plotted end
flew to your side of the pond
and asked if you needed a friend


Turns out that’s all it took
for a lonely dragonfly
to finally understand
it was the who in love, not the why

The sixteenth hour
was rather heavy and hot
we spent our time only together
for a short time was all we got


My friends threw a shower
and drops fell from the sky
finally had a family
with a first born son named Ty

You were always there
the other dragonfly guys made fun
But you never wavered in your love
and enjoyed our last moments of sun


Harry and Jeanette passed
It seemed so real and sudden
Was our time almost up?
hours, I wanted another dozen

But we went away
to teach our kids to hunt
and told them of their complicated lives
and sex – we had to be blunt


The kids didn’t come around
during their hunting treks
always worrying, you laughed at me
I, just a buzzing, soggy, wreck

But I could see you flying around
trying to find Sandra,
Who couldn’t be found.


Our kids kept asking about
birds, bees, and miscellaneous
things I never had heard

“We’re dragonflies, who live shortly,
unlike the long perilous life of a bird.”


You weren’t flying as easily
and my big bright eyes became hazy
I was scared I had waited too long
but the only time that mattered –
was where we two, together, belonged


The kids only came back
to tell us they were dating
and asked us how we met
if we were okay with multiple mating

I looked at you while your wrinkles
creased as you laughed brightly
“Oh dear you young dragonflies,
Don’t take your life so lightly”


You decided we should find a spot
“not too dewy, not too hot”
I didn’t want to say goodbye
But I’d been blessed with my lot

The children knew what leaving meant
I remembered my sixth hour
wishing more time had been spent
with family, that wasn’t me and I – but ours


I was scared; you smiled
silently you kissed me,
and went first
under the moonlight
I wept, wanting to go soon
hoping I wouldn’t be cursed


But here I am
living too far past my prime
loving you too much
my only true crime

The kids don’t know,
I’m still here flying in the night
whoever said we lived 24 hours –
I really wish he’d been right

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