Back to the beginning

One of truest sentiments regarding blogging was shared in less than 140 characters: “I don’t care why you haven’t blogged, just do it.”

That’s easier said than done, because once you let life take over with its long work days and evenings finally free from homework – blogging becomes a permanent tenant on the to-do list.

Well, no more excuses as I’m curled up on the lazy-boy in the house I share with three boys who I didn`t know a couple of weeks ago. Time to write.

Since my last post about interning at the Winnipeg Free Press – which now feels like an eternity ago – things moved quickly.I freelanced for the Canadian Forces at CFB Shilo for the last time, leaving the contract work behind when I became the full-time military reporter at the Brandon Sun.

It was a phenomenal job – covering all types of news for a daily deadline and even having the opportunity to photograph. My main beat was Shilo, and I’m honoured to say I met some incredible people working in the small community.  That lasted, however, for all of a month and a half and I am now the anchor/producer at Shaw TV Saskatoon. (That’s where the picture below is from!)

All in the span of less than a regular semester at university.

It’s not so much the lightning fast speed at which my burgeoning career has taken off, it’s more the startling reality that in a short period of time I went from worrying about work to finding myself in a very stimulating and fulfilling job. More than that, I straight up packed up my car (yes, I bought one of those) and drove to a city I have never visited before – to live with people who I met online.

And I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The people I live with are fantastic, honestly. They had waited to find a roommate for months, and they said I sounded like a good fit. So far things are great as we’re all so busy leading our lives, yet we can gather for some Breaking Bad time when we have the chance.

If there’s one thing I can say about the experience so far, maintaining a positive attitude has helped – and continues to help – navigate the waters of a new career. Each day is brand new, and I learn about 20,000 things about myself, others, this industry, how we use writing/sound/visuals to create a feeling.

It’s pretty surreal. The feeling is similar to what I felt when I first started CreComm – except back then I was riddled with self-doubt. The idea of getting my dream job was, well two years away. Now that it’s here, and I’m completely at peace with it; and that’s awesome.

Taking it one day at a time has helped tremendously, along with hearing Joanne’s voice in my head saying “sound-ups, write to your visuals!”

So now I’m going to close this post, and feel good that despite the schedule, and the Breaking Bad episode on pause in front of me – I did it. I wrote for the hell of it.




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