When we met at the Ale House

All I can say: true story.

When we met at the Ale House
by Daniella Ponticelli

I met you again for the first time
last night
same light brown hair
matching the light brown ale
held so comfortably in your big hands

You’re bespectacled, and tall
Giant might be a stretch;
but your warm smile brings you down
to my level
And across from the table
all is equal.

Kind of like when we met
In the park the first time
Across from each other on a picnic table
just talking; four hours

but tonight it’s only two,
and we’re at an Ale House
Much like our second date
At the brewery
Where I met your friends.
Much like tonight
when we meet again
for the first time.

You and your sarcastic shirt,
matching your silly manner
Not quite a ninja turtles hat
with a matching tee
but tonight you’re wearing my favourite colour
How did you remember?

I guess you didn’t know

And no surprise you’re not alone,
with your well-used
socially abused
iPhone (which used to act up)
with your tweets –

That’s how we met, isn’t it?

You grumble about the crap comic
say you can do better
I joke about you being a snob
especially about your beer.
You laugh and order another
craft brewed delicacy.
Then mention how you’re a writer
and a soul-searching travesty

Who found his way to the Ale House.

It’s you – completely and exquisitely you
And my heart stopped,
And had I not started anew,
there’d have been an

I figured seven hours was enough
distance between us
You (time) travelling (handsome) devil.

At least your names aren’t close
That’s a plus, I suppose
And now we gather for an IPA
Just like old times

Even though you pretend there was never a time.

So I finally start again,
and we meet again
where we drink again
Even though we’ll never speak again.
And there’s laughter,
And bad music and fellow happy people
And we revel in each other’s company
And I think back to us
Even though we just met
that night, now last night
and I agree it’s time for you to go.

And so I remain in the Ale House
with the man I came to see again
And he settles the tab
as I playfully quip that his friend,
with his light brown hair
and awkward, cute, nerdy aura
and passionate love of beer
and fervent flair for writing
(and batman screensaver)

reminds me of somebody I used to know.



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