Tis the Season to Drop Kick

With only one more sleep until Christmas I hope you’re as thankful as I am that no more “are you done your shopping yet?” questions will rattle from the tv and radio. So settle in for the last three days of Cre.ature Feed holiday special and tis the Season!

Day 10 – Santa trains his reindeer

Enjoy this vintage footage of the old man training his reindeer for the upcoming season.

Day 11 – Don’t mess with Santa!

Treat the old man with some respect

Day 12 – Santa will be dropping by

Merry Christmas all! Santa will be dropping by, make sure there’s a crash pad in place


Picking a Nose on Slippery Ice

As is the case with the holiday season, everything goes by fast. Including the past four days of Christmas. So here I am making up for it with more great season related videos. Let me know how the days are going for you!

Day 6 – Brandon Santa.

Here is the completed video as done by Grant Hamilton, as watched and critiqued by me. Unfortunately, I can’t upload it to my blog directly, however, it should appear as the first video (for a while) on the Brandon Sun website here.

Day 7 – Little Christmas Picker

Cute little boy decides he has something better to do than sing – dig for gold! I think my kid would do something like this.

Day 8 – Taking the Fall

A Dublin news channel decides to warn about ice on the sidewalks. I don’t necessarily want to encourage laughter but it’s a little cheeky.

Day 9 – Toboggan on your Tushy

I’m planning on going to tobogganing this break, hopefully it’s more successful than this fail.

The Funniest and The Shortest

Day 4: Funniest home vids
Of course America’s Funniest Home Videos has the best Christmas fail videos. This is one of many videos in their holiday blooper reel, which will be sidebar listed on Youtube.

Day 5: Santa elves aren’t even that short
This guy goes on a bit of a rant regarding a toy advertised over the holidays. Apparently the model doesn’t quite match up in height to the product.

Santa’s Lap

Day 3: Santa’s Lap

 It’s quite a bizarre tradition, the whole sitting on Santa’s lap. Most children nowadays are tall enough to stand across from Santa and have the good ol’ gift talk.

My guess is the Old guy is hard of hearing, and obviously can’t stoop to a child’s level. Yet oddly enough, the man can carry a sack of gifts, slide down chimneys like a Cirque acrobat, and eat cookies left on a floor-level plate.

 Today I went to the Shoppers Mall in Brandon to help shoot some video of Santa and his little visitors. While the video will only be up in a few days, and who knows, I may have a cameo, I honor the tradition of Santa – otherwise known to me as Father Christmas (I guess to be politically correct: the spokeperson of the holidays) – and his fear-inducing lap, with this great video from The Office.

Flash Mobs and Flying Fenders

In honor of the twelve days of Christmas, I’m posting a daily holiday related Youtube video. To start us off, I’m posting two for day 1 and 2.

Day 1: Holiday Flash Mob
Before I die, I want to be involved in a sweet flash mob like this. So beautiful, I can only imagine what a treat it was for shoppers.

Day 2: A Dash of Stupidity
How to not remove your car from snow. Of great relevance as this wonderful Alberta Clipper sweeps into Winnipeg and Brandon. Watch for a few seconds then skip to 1:00.  it’s worth it.

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