Feature Cre.ature

Time to Meet the Neighbours

Feature Cre.ature will present a local amateur/professional creator to followers of The Feed. He/She will share their creative inspirations and aspirations, along with advice and information for readers.  Feel free to comment on the Feature and network as such. Any disrespectful comments will be deleted.

If anyone would like to nominate someone for the Feature, it is open to all, please comment below. All features will be posted on The Feed to alert subscribers. This page is for information and comments regarding the Feature selection terms.

Be kind Cre.atures


“Flash Flood”
Katy Winterflood – Professional Photographer

   “Let’s Sweeten the Deal”
ChrisMarie Pretorius – Amateur Baker

“Welded Woman”
Diane Alexander – Published Winnipeg Author

“Wolfe in Sheep’s Clothing”
Jera Wolfe – So You Think You Can Dance Canada

“Part One – The Odd Ball”
Jonathan Ball launches “Clockfire”

“Part Two: The Other Jon, and Stella”
Jon Paul Fiorentino launches “Indexical Elegies”


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