On Air

Daniella Ponticelli’s on-air demo reel

While I thoroughly enjoy writing, reporting for television is another passion of mine. On this page you will find some examples of my latest on air work – including the script writing and voicing – for school and as part of my work placement.

Live at Five
During final year every Thursday was dedicated to Broadcast Journalism. Learning television writing, shooting, editing and producing, the class put together hour long news casts that ran online at 5pm and on Shaw TV Winnipeg the following day. Stories were pitched by reporters.

FINAL all-star cast here!
View full live archive here!

News preview – anchor
Written by anchor to preview the upcoming show.

Exhibit gives holocaust survivors a face
Reporter Daniella Ponticelli and photojournalist Mike Tanasychuk show you the stories of holocaust survivors through a new exhibit at Westminster United Church.

Fire fighters campout for charity
Firefighters are camping out for a good cause. Reporter Daniella Ponticelli and photojournalist Mike Tanasychuk were on the scene during their donation drive for muscular dystrophy Canada this morning.

Romantic Whispers – live to tape interview
Known as a “one-off” at Shaw TV, this live to tape interview was shot in full to be aired with minor edits.

Aerial Dance
Shaw TV Winnipeg
It’s up in the air, twisted in fabric and totally fun. Aerial dance in Winnipeg is gaining popularity and I show you why!

Gliding through barriers
Shaw TV Winnipeg, February 2012
Ernie Whelan is a search and rescue technician with diabetes. He’s no longer allowed to save lives on the job, but he’s gliding across Lake Manitoba to raise money for the Canadian Diabetes Association.

Amateur Moviemakers Club
Shaw TV Winnipeg, January 2012
A group of amateur moviemakers get together every month at a local church. The average age in the group? 65.

United Way Dream Seats Program
Shaw TV Winnipeg, January 2012
This full story is about the generosity of Winnipeggers, who give away their jets tickets to deserving kids in the community. Meet Luke – who’s on his way to a game – and little Fathi, who couldn’t be more grateful for the experience.

Jimmy Greene Profile

Shaw TV Winnipeg, January 2012
A full story on Jazz Artist Jimmy Greene who teaches at the University of Manitoba in the Jazz studies program. He continues to compose new music – and inspire his students

Streeter – “Will the world end in 2012?”
Shaw TV Winnipeg, January 2012

Streeter – “What do you think about Winnipeg’s homicide rate?”
Shaw TV Winnipeg, January 2012


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